Pre-School (3-5 y.o.)

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts activities will stimulate your preschool child’s imagination and creativity, helping with physical and mental development. Our activities include painting, drawing, dough projects, construction, and even sculpture. Our preschool arts and crafts program are perfect for children who want to make something unique!


Welcome to our Little Chess Masters program!

Little Chess Masters is a professionally developed, enrichment chess program. Little Chess Masters programs are GREAT FUN and age-appropriate (Ages 3-6).

Our Instructors use stories, fun games, art projects & music to introduce the magical game of chess!

Early Math and Logic

Our Math program for preschoolers involves children in a variety of activities that create a foundation for mathematical understanding, problem solving, developing logic and critical abilities. We promote healthy challenge, help children to build mathematical habits of mind, and prepare them for the mathematical activities they will encounter in school.

Motor Development

Our motor development program for preschoolers include activities that encourage children’s developing fine motor skills. We use activities that practice hand and finger coordination: play dough or clay, blocks of various sizes to stack and arrange beads, macaroni, puzzles, paints, brushes, markers, crayons and other. When given ample opportunities to play with a variety of interesting materials, young children will grow many new and exciting ways.

Puppet Theater

Explore how children learn from hand puppet play!

Hand Puppets are an ideal springboard for developing speaking and listening skills. Children often communicate more easily with puppets, giving them confidence to express their ideas and feelings. Shy children can become acquainted with others through the roles they take on.

Puppet play provides an opportunity to gain some control over their world by working out fears and frustrations. But first of all, Puppet play helps young children develop creative skills and it’s FUN!