Adults and Seniors

Arts and Crafts

Drawing and Painting Workshop

Artists will develop their artistic skills while having fun discovering their own personal style. Working from still life, photographs, images from art history and/or independent themes and ideas, students will be introduced to specific drawing and painting fundamentals and techniques. These include line drawing, value, shape, pattern, texture, shading and highlighting. Students will also experiment with a variety of tools, media and techniques.

Fashion Design

If you have a passion for fashion and want to learn how to design and draw beautiful fashion images – this is the class for you! In our class students begin by learning the basics of fashion rendering and illustration, as well as learning fun facts about famous fashion designers and fashion history.

Once students are comfortable with fashion illustration, they design and illustrate their very own fashion lines. Students create original croquis and are guided through a series of design inspirations.

Enrollment runs month to month, encouraging students to progress according to their own unique abilities – students may join at any time. Each student works on their own individual project and can come to different class times throughout the month.

Jewelry Making

Our team of highly trained, experienced, enthusiastic staff love teaching the art of jewelry making to children in a fun, engaging and age appropriate way. We offer Jewelry Making, Art & Immersion classes for children – learn a new skill & increase your creativity!

Our classes focus on teaching children real jewelry making techniques such as beading, wire work, copper etching, enameling, resin, waxed Irish linen, stamping & dapping, bead stringing, crimping, wool felting and much more in a fun way!


Have fun learning the basic principles, tactics, and opening themes of this great game. We provide high quality instruction and professionally run competitions for chess players of all skill levels. The comprehensive course gives each student the precise material they need at every stage of their development.  We offer a wide range of activities for students who wish to learn and have fun.

Using a proven curriculum designed to make chess fun and exciting, our Certified Instructors can help your child to develop the skills that will help him or her excel in the future.

Computer Programming

Become a UI/UX Designer in 8 weeks

Learn a user’s behavior, emotions, and attitudes, and how to optimize their experience through good design. This is not a coding course, but a detailed study of user interface design and the insights behind better web applications.

Build Your Own App in 8 Weeks

Dive into mobile app creation with our 8-week iOS development workshop. You’ll graduate ready to deploy your own fully functional apps to the Apple store.

Full-Time Coding Boot Camp

This 12-week, full-time intensive transforms beginner students into entry level full-stack web developers. You’ll learn how to design a website’s look and feel and how to code sites and applications that run smoothly, all in one immersive, project based course. If you’re looking for a rigorous level of study that can help you change careers, this is the class for you. After we receive your application, an admissions counselor will be in touch to set up a personal interview. All applicants to our Intensive program must interview with an admissions counselor prior to enrollment. If you are accepted into our program, you will be given instructions for prework — this helps ensure that you’re able to hit the ground running on Day 1. Official enrollment is contingent on successful completion of prework.


Students will be guided on an in-depth exploration of media literacy and learn how to become critical journalists. Working one-on-one with professional journalists, students take part in every aspect of producing a newspaper – from topic selection, researching and writing, content production, interviewing, on-the-ground reporting, editing, finalizing their work for publication, and distributing the paper. Our students will be trained on the fundamental principles, techniques and craft of journalism through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on production and individual work.